Supanova Pop Culture Expo


Supanova is a pop culture expo touring nationally.  This event is a multi-day event that features attractions, exhibitions, workshops, artists and celebrity appearances.  Supanova covers all pop culture sub genres including books, comics, television shows, movies, science fiction and pop culture art. Supanova brings together the most diverse audience possible under one roof!

This exhibition category is relatively new to Australia and has an extremely diverse audience.  The Ticket Group was able to offer Supanova a tailored approach to ticketing through online channels, ticket types and box office solutions.  

Our comprehensive marketing approach provided a combination of messaging and channels to reach the varied audience segments.  Co-branded competitions were provided to generate awareness of the event and demonstrate key attractions.  Working collaboratively to highlight event attractions in each geographical location was paramount to the success of this event and it has seen very positive growth year on year. 

Supanova is a unique event that catered for a growing market.  Working with The Ticket Group offered them a ticketing partner that worked collaboratively and was able to support their event by building awareness in the early stages, and then was able to scale and provide solutions as the event grew.   

“Our relationship with moshtix has been built on trust since the day we first spoke to them and the partnership has gone from strength to strength since then. They have certainly helped us improve the ticketing experience for our fans since coming on board and the service we get from them is excellent”.

Daniel Zachariou,
Owner, Supanova Pop Culture Expo