'Powered By' Solutions

Your event is unique and you have requirements that make your event special.  At The Ticket Group, we understand this and we cater for you with our tailored and flexible solutions.  We have a range of tools and products that help you sell your events, manage your events, and are capable of handling any event day set up.  We offer a range of expertise to help you deliver a quality event with the best customer experience possible.  Whether it’s your first event or you are a seasoned professional, the team at The Ticket Group will help find the best solution for your event and for you.   

Reserved Seating & General Admission

We can cater for both Reserved Seating and for General Admission.  Our event set up can be optimised to enhance the customer experience with features like best available seating, select your own seat and view from seat.  We can work with any configuration of seating and volume/variations in ticket price types and price zones.

Packaging, Add-Ons and Up-Sell

Whether you are looking to bundle multiple products together into a single point of purchase, or recommend upgrades and add on’s for your customers during their purchase process, our dynamic shopping cart can do this for you.  Intuitively prompt customers to add more items to their purchase or suggest a premium product for them using pop up messaging.  Whether you wish to sell programmes, special offers, packages or merchandise, we can help you.  Allow your customers to build their own packages with our flexible packages, controlled by the rules that you set.

Promo Codes

Use promotional codes to offer discounts, reward loyal customers, track promotions or offer access to restricted products and ticket types.  Promo codes can be used in multiple ways, and make it easier for you to segment your customers and provide different offers to each of those customer types.  We also offer you single use promo codes, ideal for bulk promotions.

Branded Experience

The Ticket Group can create a tailored, branded experience for your customers.  This solution offers a seamless customer experience with your brand. Your brand will be present from the point where your customers arrive on the ticketing home page, right through to the order confirmation screen. Of course, their Email Print @ Home tickets will also carry your branding, ensuring your brand is promoted from the beginning of the purchase engagement, right up until the event itself


With a generous suite of standard reports available, we are sure to be able to provide a report that meets your requirements. Whether you are after a simple ticket sales report, a product by product report broken down into price type and price zone, a promotional code report, survey response details or sales by channel, we’ve got it covered.

To find out how our 'Powered By' solutions can help your event ticketing requirements,
contact Joseph Stanley, Business Development Manager at joseph@theticketgroup.com.au